Ameego Thrive: Labour optimizations using data

We’re often asked ‘How many staff do I need in my restaurant at any given time?’, ‘How do I adjust for sales trends, events or other things that affect volume?’, or ‘How do I optimize my labour?’.

There are a number of problems that make this answer difficult including
seasonality, price changes, staff turnover. Time in motion studies can help but cost tens if not hundreds of thousands, and get dated quickly based on changes in the business. Ultimately, People turnover can make execution and consistency an ongoing challenge.

This results in inconsistent experience across stores, unhappy staff and guests, and wasted profitability. The question becomes, ‘How do you identify ideal staffing at a restaurant?’ or more importantly ‘How do you ensure you always have ideal staffing regardless of the ongoing changes?

Here's the challenge...

Delivering a consistent and positive experience in a restaurant or across multiple restaurants is tough.

Our solution

Welcome to Ameego Thrive

Thrive is designed to redefine how restaurants thrive in their profit, their people, and their praise.

Screenshot of Ameego scheduling software

Deep data analysis

Leverage AI & Machine learning to analyze trends and identify trouble areas in staffing.

Screenshot of Ameego scheduling software

Shift pulse surveys

Surveys help capture staff sentiment to understand how your team is feeling about the shift whether changes are required.

Screenshot of Ameego scheduling software

Google Reviews Integration

Analyze google reviews and guest
experiences to identify areas of change.

The results

See for yourself the Thrive difference

Thrive is designed to redefine how restaurants thrive in their profit, their people, and their praise.

A custom built ideal staffing guide for your restaurant that is constantly evolving based on data captured to provide optimal staffing, guest experience and profitability levels at your restaurant!

Thrive then gamify’s the process of optimizing labour identifying changes to be made and then monitoring the overall impact of those changes via Thrive score.

Manager Nudge
If a drafted schedule veers outside the ideal staffing range, "Manager Nudge" alerts the manager with a pop-up. They're prompted to provide a comment or revisit the schedule. Emails are sent to store owner and managers for reference.

Monthly Analysis Report
Shows impact in 3 areas:

  • Profit - changes that were made and the result
  • People - what’s my score, who are my top managers, and who are unhappy?
  • Praise - How are my guests feeling about my store? What is the impact over time?
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