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One-touch staff scheduling is as easy as it sounds.

Put all of your scheduling tasks on auto-pilot. With Ameego, managers can create balanced, profitable schedules with one single touch to save hours of valuable time every week. We’ll predict your shift needs, fill them with qualified staff, and identify potential shift conflicts. You’re in full control – easily adjust any part of the schedule before finalizing.

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Staff skills and availability accounted for.

Ensure your staff only work when they’re available and capable. Our scheduling system automatically incorporates employee information such as skill badges, availability, and time off requests. When you adjust information in an employee’s profile, such as setting minimum hours or adding them to another department, these changes are included into one-touch scheduling. Plus, the schedule is dynamic to reflect approved shift trades throughout the week.

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Easily staff employees across locations.

Have more scheduling flexibility by staffing employees in other locations they’re trained and approved to work in. Choose a home store for employees to be paid out of – hours worked and labor costs are attributed to the correct location, to ensure accurate, detailed store metrics (such as labor cost percentage) are maintained.

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Instantly notify staff of new schedules.

Inform your staff of their shifts instantly with notifications in-app as soon as the schedule is published – no more posting on bulletin boards or answering phone calls to read staff their shifts. With our mobile app, staff can access their schedule whenever and wherever they need it, reducing schedule mix-ups and helping them stay on top of their shifts.

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Powerful labor forecasting to inform your staffing needs.

Take the guesswork out of labor forecasting and schedule with confidence. We’ll forecast labor demands with remarkable accuracy – kind of like a crystal ball for your labor operation needs. Our advanced technology uses historical sales, manager logbook notes, machine learning, and AI to predict all of your labor needs. Plus, we’ll tap into your POS and use its data to inform labor and sales predictions. Learn more about our POS integrations.

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