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A platform built for restaurants – helping you maximize profit, save time, and retain staff.

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Built with restaurants in mind

Save time and money with Ameego.

As people who have worked in the industry and love eating a lot, we’ve lived through the challenges you face every single day. So, we built a software solution that makes your life easier while you run your business. Say hi to your new employee scheduling and time clocking platform and start saving up to 3% of your annual restaurant revenues.

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Employee scheduling

Create schedules in minutes, not hours.

With one-touch scheduling and robust employee profiles that include each employee’s skill level, weekly availability, and time off requests, your schedule will be built perfectly, every time. Now, you can get out of the office and spend more time on the floor supporting your team. Learn more about Ameego scheduling.

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Manager logbook and shift swapping

A one-stop-shop for easy team communication.

With features like the manager logbook and a shift shop where staff can drop and trade shifts pending manager approval, all of your team communication will be housed in one place. And, with our mobile app, you can do it all while you're on the go. Learn more about how Ameego can help with your team communications.

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Payroll and POS integrations

Life is easier when your software systems work together.

Ameego combines industry-leading scheduling tools with data pulled from your point of sale (POS) solution. Easily integrate Ameego and your POS system to start pulling your restaurants' historical data for better informed labor forecasts. Find your systems on our full list of integrations.

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Staff management

An all-in-one HR software solution.

One login for all of your HR needs: employee profiles, company documents and policies, reporting, training tracking, onboarding, and more. Save up to 10 hours per employee when you onboard them. Learn more about our staff management solution.

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