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Easily communicate with all your employees.

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Consolidate work communication in a single, accessible platform.

Ameego’s in-app messaging makes it easy to communicate with your staff through a dedicated platform. No more calling staff one by one to relay important information – send messages swiftly and easily in-app to inform staff of upcoming events, staff meetings, changes, and more. Complete with read receipts so you know your team is up-to-date.

Time off requests, managed and integrated.

Give your staff the power to easily request time off in-app and get manager approval faster. Stop amassing post-it notes with time off requests – view and action on requests right in Ameego, with staff being notified instantly when their request has been approved. Time off automatically populates to employee availability, so it’s conveniently accounted for when creating schedules.

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Manage shift trades easier than ever before with our software.

Streamline your shift-swapping process, reduce no-shows, and increase accountability amongst your staff. Ameego’s in-app shift shop lets staff view, post, and pick up available shifts. Upon manager approval, the involved staff are notified and shift changes are promptly reflected in the schedule. Employee skill badges are accounted for to ensure shifts are only picked up by qualified staff.

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Improve staff well-being and work-life balance.

Ameego’s mobile app for staff allows them to access schedules, manage shift trades, request time off, and communicate with their team and management. With a dedicated work platform, staff can self-serve and receive notifications for all work updates on their phones, anytime and anywhere, allowing more control over work-life balance.

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