Customer stories

We get it – it’s one thing for us to tell you about all the great things Ameego can do for your restaurant, but it’s completely different hearing it from others in the industry. Check out our customer stories to learn how Ameego has made an impact on their restaurant.

“Manually pulling sales data and combing through all of it to make sure it’s separated by drive-through, storefront, or bakery and then having to break it all down in 15 minute increments? No thanks. I’m happy Ameego takes care of that for me.”
Jason Goldsmith • Franchisee (Alberta)
“Pulling reports for single and multiple locations has become a lot easier. There’s less manual work to sort through and within a few clicks, I’ll have access to labour metrics like sales, hours worked, cost per hour worked.”
Trevor Ritchie • Franchisee
“I’ve easily saved upwards of 15-20 hours each week from not having to cross-reference employees’ skills or certifications and availability. The dollar savings are just endless.”
Jennie Baker • District Manager – Ontario
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