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Streamline your time-tracking, labor compliance, and payroll.

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Punch in and out, simply and accurately with our app.

Is that a 0 or a 6? Ditch pencil and paper time tracking that can be difficult to decipher – with Ameego, all shifts and hours are logged and organized digitally. Employees can use unique PINs to punch in and out on an on-site tablet. If you use a POS, we can extract this information from it to keep track of hours worked.

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View and manage all shifts on the fly.

Get an overview of all shifts for the day from one central dashboard that’s accessible through your tablet. (Aka, no more running to the posted schedule to see who’s in). Need to make an adjustment for a shift cut or extension? Easily edit shifts on the floor and add notes for late arrivals, no-shows, or personal emergencies, all through our app.

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Stay labor compliant and prevent overspend.

Stay in the know with notifications for overtime worked, breaks taken, and late shift arrivals. Our system records a full audit history trail so you’ll always know about shift schedule adjustments, including manager-edited shifts and punch overrides. We’ll help you stay on top of your labor spend by setting up parameters to avoid unscheduled or early punch-ins.

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Payroll made painless with accurate timesheets.

No more frantically cross-checking schedules and hours – get automatically populated, accurate timesheets according to when staff punch in and out. When you’re ready to run payroll, we’ll export your payroll data into predefined formats compatible with major payroll providers (see the full list here). Bonus for Canadian locations: we’ll calculate statutory, overtime, and premium pay.

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