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Manager logbook: the app that keeps managers updated.

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Record important shift notes as they happen.

Keep track of daily operations with a logbook to centralize detailed shift notes and actionable items. Managers can record notes anywhere from the back office to the floor. Customize your logbook sections to keep things organized – categorize by department, time of day, and employee performance, to name a few.

Keep all management in the know.

Share knowledge and operational details from logbook notes with all management to increase synchronization of best practices and learning amongst your team. You can even keep tabs on who’s read, edited, or archived notes. A full history, complete with date, time, and user stamps are securely stored to reference any time.

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Link logbook notes with financial and labor reporting.

Did beverage sales increase due to new drink specials? Were Friday’s sales down due to bad weather and patio closures? Analyze your logbook notes to identify trends and factors that may impact productivity and revenue, and use your findings to get ahead of the curve and proactively make decisions to improve operations.

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