Instant Pay

A flexible way for your staff to access their pay.

Make payday even better
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Give your staff access to their earned pay sooner.

No more waiting every two weeks for each paycheque! With Ameego Instant Pay, staff can access up to 50% of their earned pay at the end of each shift. And, it comes at no extra cost to you or your employees – early distributed funds are automatically recovered in the next pay run.

Become the leader in great employee experience.

Attract top talent. Retain employees. Reduce staff absenteeism. Be the hero of your team. How? By giving your staff more flexibility to access their earned wages when they need it, you’re creating a better employee experience while differentiating yourself from competing businesses. All that, without having to change your payroll processes or provider.

Improve employee well-being and satisfaction.

Allow your staff to better plan and manage their money. From covering expenses, to getting ahead of bills, to building their credit score — Ameego Instant Pay lets employees access pay ahead of payday to do more with their money, without payday loans or extra fees.

Get Instant Pay, powered by KOHO.

We’ve partnered with KOHO, one of Canada’s leading Fintech companies, to provide early access to earned wages. With Ameego and KOHO, you can offer employees a safe, smarter way to spend and save.

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