Helping restaurants create the perfect dining experience. 

We optimize your labour forecasting based on your restaurant’s historical sales data, so your team can focus on making customers happy while you maximize profits.

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“Pulling reports for single and multiple locations has become a lot easier. There’s less manual work to sort through and within a few clicks, I’ll have access to labour metrics like sales, hours worked, cost per hour worked.”
— Trevor Ritchie, Franchisee

Features highlight

Get a comprehensive scheduling solution that optimizes your labour. Goodbye multiple logins. Goodbye entering data into different platforms. Goodbye headaches. 


One-Touch scheduling

With robust employee profiles that include their skill level, weekly availability, and time off requests, your schedule will be built perfectly, every time.

Time clocking

Punch in and out, simply and accurately

Is that a 0 or a 6? Ditch pencil and paper time tracking that can be difficult to decipher – with Ameego, all shifts and hours are logged and organized digitally. 

Labour forecasting

Optimized labour forecasting

Don’t second guess how many people you need for each shift. Save money with solid labour forecasts and improve your sales per labour hour  – our scheduling software is data-backed with your sales history.

Shift shop

Shift swapping, made easier.

Staff members can view and make requests right in Ameego – no more asking each individual person if they can cover for another team member. All you have to do is approve the shift change.

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“Thanks to Ameego's one-touch scheduling, you only need 15-20 minutes of prep time and with the click of one button, 95% of your scheduling is done, instantly.”

- Craig Poleshuk, Franchisee
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Now that you have scheduling and labour optimizations handled, explore Humi – the all-in-one platform that’ll help you easily manage your employee database, onboarding processes, document storage, and more.

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