Our story

How it started

The Ameego team is very familiar with the restaurant industry. In fact, you can call us seasoned individuals who have spent years wearing different hats including serving, bartending, and more. During this time, one thing held true across the board – scheduling was often the most dreadful part of the job. 

Beyond keeping track of who could work which shifts, schedules copied over from the previous week didn’t take budgeting into consideration, it was difficult for staff members to switch shifts, and communication was often a challenge. Enter: Ameego.

What a long way we’ve come since those basement days in 2006!

How it’s going

As Ameego continued to grow and support restaurants and hospitality businesses across North America, one thing was clear: business owners and operators were starting to crave software that supported their HR needs. We had a strategic decision to make – build it ourselves or integrate with a leader in the space. 

After years of working together with Canada’s leading HR, payroll, insurance, and benefits software provider, Humi, it was obvious what the next step was going to be – joining forces to offer businesses a best-in-one HR and employee scheduling software solution. Both Ameego and Humi saw the opportunity to create something better by combining the two teams’ expertise and talent.

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