Restaurant scheduling software

Ameego helps restaurants create perfect employee schedules

A platform built for restaurants – helping you maximize profit, save time, and retain staff.

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Restaurant Scheduling Software

Create your next schedule in just one click.

Ameego's one-touch scheduling is exactly as it sounds – you’ll create schedules in minutes, not hours. Fitted with robust employee profiles that include each employee’s skill level, location(s), and weekly availability, your food service operations is sure to run smoothly every week.

Shift Swap

Empower your team to manage their own shifts.

Your staff can view or request shift changes and message each other to cover shifts – no more confusion around staff missing shifts or showing up at the wrong time. All you have to do as a manager is approve the changes.

Staff Management

An all-in-one HR software solution.

One login for all of your HR needs: employee profiles, company documents and policies, reporting, training tracking, onboarding, and more. Save up to 10 hours per employee when you onboard them.

Team communication

One place for all your communications.

Create announcements and share it with your whole team or create a space for managers to share notes with each other. Stay on top of trends and new happenings as they come.

Time Tracking

Effortlessly track who’s punched in or on break.

Punch in and out, simply and accurately. View and manage all shifts on the fly. Stay labor compliant and prevent overspend. Plus; When you’re ready to run payroll, we’ll export your payroll data into predefined formats compatible with major payroll providers.

Reporting & Insights

Reporting and insights to keep a pulse on your labor spend

We’ll automatically calculate your labor costs based on employee wages and hours scheduled, so you stay within budget every week. We’ll actively give you suggestions on shift to optimize your staffing for smoother operations and better profits. Have more than one location to manage? View all important labor and financial metrics across multiple locations in one dashboard to compare performance in real time.

Manager Logbook

Manager Logbook took keep managers on the same page

Keep track of daily operations with a logbook to centralize detailed shift notes and actionable items. Managers can record notes anywhere from the back office to the floor. You can even keep tabs on who’s read, edited, or archived notes. Analyze your logbook notes to identify trends and factors that may impact productivity and revenue, and use your findings to get ahead of the curve and proactively make decisions to improve operations.

Mobile app

Access and manage schedules from anywhere.

No more missed shifts or showing up at the wrong time or location. Your team will be able to see their work schedules in the palm of their hands.

Optimized scheduling informed by your POS data

Say hi to your new employee scheduling and time clocking platform and start saving up to 3% of your annual restaurant revenues.

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